The Streams of Consciousness aka The Welcome Back Episode


In this episode Keidrick and Krisha would like to welcome our listeners back.

We have taken a brief hiatus from recording, but now we are back on track.

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Show Notes:

We discuss “Shark Week”, “The Lack of Black Family Emojis on the Android Platform” ,2019 Crossfit Open and all things Amazon.

The Crossfit Open

Daily Burn




Introducing the Wellness Re-Up

Every year around this time, the phrase  “New Year, New You” begin to surface. From Weight Watcher commercials, featuring Mother Oprah, to popular memes across the internet, the new year signals a need for change, a shedding of what wasn’t working for you in the last year, it’s become the opening monologue to the commitment to be better! I believe that to be better, we have to be healthy of body and mind or we will repeat the circle and fail.

To help you along, I’ve gathered my favorite short and effective workouts and meditations to kick off 2017! These go-to workouts have often been my save and grace when I’m feeling less than motivated and need to shake it up! Hope you enjoy them too!

Kali Got Body: In all fairness, I should disclose that this is my cousin. She’s a kick ass trainer and each time I’ve worked out with her I’ve felt awesome. She’s local to NY so if you’re in for a rough but fun workout HIRE HER!


First, Second, Pilate’s:
Pilates is one of my favorite workouts. With movements based in ballet it triggers muscle memories of my days on the stage.  I love it! The at home workout I do is more advanced but when I started at home, this was my go to video.


Yoga, Yoga Y’all:  Strong arms, and the best cool down/ stress away:

Yoga Flava Flow With Robin Downes:  This 3 minute video is not only great for strengthening and toning your arms but also a great way to begin your practice.  Visit Robin’s channel for more videos, including the family focus Yoga videos, which I love.